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GST Refresher 2024 - '25

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Wednesday 17 July 2024

Concise 3.5 Hour Webinar

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This webinar covers all GST: Business structures, ABNs, registration, making supplies, making acquisitions, exports and imports, paying GST, claiming credits, tax invoices, adjustment notes, accounting records, lodging BASs. The webinar presents the latest law and ATO tax rulings. Delegates familiar with GST will get up to speed on the latest developments. Delegates new to GST will become skilled in the topic. Course notes are provided.


10.00 am - 1.30 pm

South Australia/NT:

9.30 am - 1.00 pm

Western Australia:

8.00 am - 11.30 am

GST REFRESHER 2024 - '25

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Webinar Agenda

Overview and General Principles of GST

Understanding the Broad GST Equation

Quick Look at Current Registration Rules and Issues

Advertising and Incorporating GST-Inclusive Prices

Identifying GST When Drafting Contracts

Understanding Different Business Structures

Explanation of the Differences Between Sole Traders,

   Partnerships, Companies and Trusts

ABNs for Entities that are Not Separate Legal Entities

ABNs and how Different Business Structures Quote ABNs

Supplies, Acquisitions, Importations, Adjustments

Understanding Taxable Supplies and Importations

Creditable Acquisitions and Creditable Purpose

Reimbursements vs Payments by Employees + Agents

Importations:  Goods for Home Consumption

Special Rules for Special Circumstance Transactions

Adjustment Events and Changes in Creditable Purpose

Latest ATO Rulings and Determinations on GST

GST-Free and Input-Taxed Supplies

Definitions of GST-Free versus Input-Taxed Supplies

Health, Education, Child-Care, Exports, Charities,

   Water and Sewerage, Going Concerns, Transport,

   Precious Metals, Duty-Free Shops, Crown & Farm Land

   Financial Supplies, Residential Rent and Premises

Accounting, Documentation and the BAS

Cash versus Accrual Accounting for GST Purposes

Attribution Rules:  Supplies, Importations, Acquisitions

Tax Invoices and Adjustment Notes Requirements

Completing and Lodging a Current BAS

Correcting and Revising an Earlier BAS – How To

GST Interaction with Other Taxes and Costs

GST and FBT: Gross-up Rates, Special FBT Rules

GST and Salary Packaging: Packaging Credits

GST and Payroll Tax and Workcover Premiums

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