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Taxation of Employee Salaries (Advanced Payroll) 2022 - '23

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One Webinar in Two Sessions: 23 & 24 June 2021

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This webinar is our usual full day payroll seminar held at this time of year. However, it is difficult to do a payroll webinar in under one day and, besides, no one really wants to attend an all-day webinar. So the seminar has been split into a two session webinar. The sessions are not bookable separately. One registration covers attendance for the same delegate at both sessions.

Comprehensive course notes are provided, and there is an ample question and answer session.


10.00 am - 1.30 pm

South Australia/NT:

9.30 am - 1.00 pm

Western Australia:

8.00 am - 11.30 pm

Both sessions have the same start and finish times.

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Thursday 23 June 2022: Session 1

2022 - '23 Tax Obligations for Employee Payroll

Income Tax Rates for the 2023 Financial Year

Current Definition of Residents for Tax Purposes

Federal Budget 2022 Announcements Affecting Payroll

TFN Declarations and TFN Reporting Rules

Taxing Salaries, Allowances, Offsets & Benefits

Latest ATO Advice on Taxing Salaries/Allowances

Fixed Car C/km Rates & Income Statement Reporting

Paying & Taxing Business/Non-Business Allowances

2023 Rates for Personal, Dependant, Zone Offsets

Fringe Benefits Reporting on Payment Summaries

Underpayments, Overpayments and Recoveries

FWA (Cth) and Regulations Affecting Payroll

Annual Salaries in Modern Awards:

Inclusions, Outer Limits, Exceeding Outer Limits, Records,


Current Wage Theft Legislation Applying Right Now

Casual Employee Laws Affecting Payroll

Provision of Annual Leave, Leave Loading, Personal/Carers' Leave, Long Service Leave, Other Types of Leave

Purchasing and Cashing Out Leave:

How Much, How and Superannuation

Friday 24 June 2022: Session 2

STP, MyGov, Medicare, HELP, Contractors

Single Touch Payroll: EOFY Reporting, MyGov Rules

Latest Rates for HELP, Medicare & Medicare Surcharge

New Contractor Laws, ABNs and PAYG Withholding

The Major Error in the ATO Single Touch Payroll:

Follow the ATO Rules and Underpay Employees

Superannuation and Latest Changes to Employer SG

Superannuation Guarantee – Thresholds & Rates for 2023

Latest Exemptions from SG Obligations

ATO Ruling SGR 2009/2 on Ordinary Time Earnings

Superannuation EIS/Payment Summary Reporting Rules

Salary Sacrifice Issues and ATO TR 2001/10

Recovering Overpaid Superannuation

Termination, Redundancy and ERS Payments

Termination & Employment Termination Payment Rules

Genuine Redundancy and Early Retirement Schemes

ETP Caps, Income Tax Rates, PAYGW & ETP P'Summaries

Unused Annual Leave and Long Service Leave

Unused Annual, LSL, Pre/Post August 78, August 93

Worked Examples of Taxation of Unused Annual and LSL

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