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Understanding Employer Superannuation 2022 - '23

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Thursday 25 August 2022

Concise 3 Hour Webinar (Plus extra time for questions)

Online Through Your PC

This webinar covers aspects superannuation applicable to employers and employees. The focus is on concepts, obligations and responsibilities from an employer's perspective when engaging and remunerating employees. Superannuation obligations for contractors is also covered, as are details of the latest changes announced by the Federal Government.


10.00 am - 1.00 pm

South Australia/Northern Territory

9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Western Australia:

8.00 am - 11.00 am

Course notes are provided

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Understanding Employer Superannuation 2022 - '23

Thursday 25 August 2022

Webinar Agenda

Basic Concepts of Superannuation

Basic Superannuation Fund - What Is It? What Does It Do?

Accumulation & Defined Benefit Funds, RSAs, SMSFs

Superannuation Rules and Regulations

Employer Contributions and Super'n Guarantee

Definition of Employees (Including Contractors)

Avoiding the Contractor Superannuation Trap

Low and High Income Thresholds & Rates for 2023

Changes to Exemptions from SG Obligations

Definition and Problems with Ordinary Time Earnings

ATO Ruling SGR 2009/2 on Ordinary Time Earnings

Underpayments and Overpayments of Superannuation

How To Allocate Overpayments to Future Pay Periods

Recovering Overpaid Superannuation

Federal and State Choice of Fund Rules

Choice of Fund under FWA (Cth) and State Differences

Legally Accepting and Rejecting Employee Choice

Default Funds and MySuper, Single Touch Payroll

Salary Sacrifice, Salary Packaging + FWA

Aust Taxation Office Salary Sacrifice Ruling TR 2001/10

Types of Bonuses and Back Pay – What Can Be Done?

Sacrificing Limits and Govt Government Co-Contributions

The Problem With Salary Sacrificed Fringe Benefits

Reportable Superannuation on EISs/ Single Touch

Latest legislative and ATO Requirements for 2023

What Exactly Does "Employee Influence" Mean?

The Problem with Total Employment Packages

Changes to Single Touch Payroll

Changes To Be Applied by 31 December 2022

The Conflict Between Salary Sacrifice and Packaging

Pre Tax and Post Tax Contribution Caps

Latest Caps Figures for 2023

Carrying Forward Unused Cap Amounts from Last Year

Contribution Caps and Salary Packaging Policies

Taxation Aspects of Contributions and Funds

Personal and Employee Spouse Contributions

Co-Contributions, Tax Deductions and Tax Rebates

Latest Contribution Caps + Averaging Contributions

Superannuation Payout on Retirement or Termination

Latest Rules on Employer and Super Fund Payments

Updated Thresholds and Persons Above + Below Age 60

Departing Australia PAYG Taxation Rates

Superannuation Portability


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