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What To Expect

After Registration

If you register on-line through our website, you will receive three emails from us. The first email will be an automatically generated response within a few moments after you submit your registration form. The second email will follow a few hours later to confirm your registration with a tax invoice. A third email issued a few days before the seminar will contain finer details of the day.


‚ÄčIf you register by email, you will only receive two emails from us, being the second and third emails described above.


If you do not receive any or all of these emails, check other inboxes in your email program. Sometimes email filters send good messages to spam folders. Contact us if you still cannot find our communications.

Payments, Refunds, Absenteeism and Cancellations

Payment for your registration is required before the seminar date, unless special arrangements have been made with us.

Payment may be made by EFT or credit card. We do not accept cheques. See the Bookings and Payments tab for more details.


Cancellations with full refunds will be accepted where at least 7 clear days remain in advance of a seminar. We are unable to accept cancellations after that time as we are then committed, based on delegate registrations, for the costs of establishing the seminar, the preparation of the seminar materials, and the presenters' fees and expenses. However, the course notes will be sent to absentee delegates. Substitute delegates are always welcome. Credits for future seminars are not granted.


Payment will still be required for registered delegates who fail to attend the seminar without cancellation within the 7 day time frame. However, the course notes will be provided. Credits for future seminars are not granted.


Style: All our seminars are an interactive workshop style. Delegates are provided a comprehensive set of course notes, which include practical examples and exercises to maximise understanding. Questions from course participants are very much encouraged and welcomed.


Location: The seminar location may be found on our website, as well as on the tax invoice and in various emails we issued to you.

Catering: A business lunch (full day seminar) and refreshments are provided throughout the seminar. Please contact us if you have particular dietary requirements. Obviously, no catering is provided for webinars.


Assisted Access: Is almost always available.

Airconditioning: Comfortable air conditioning very much depends on the individual. So, if you think you might find the temperature too cool, bring a jacket or jumper for your comfort.


Webinars are delivered through secure conferencing software. Hyperlinks and passwords will be forwarded to delegates before the webinars commence.

For the best experience, we recommend that your system has a current version  of Windows and an updated web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Edge. However, less than current versions of those software platforms may be satisfactory. Check with your system administrator before downloading any software.

A set of course notes for use in the webinar will be sent to delegates before the webinar commences. This may be an electronic or a hard copy, depending on the webinar.

Only delegates who have registered may view the webinar. You cannot make one registration and have more than one delegate attend. Webinars may not be recorded. Course notes may not be copied. Your honesty in this regard is both relied upon and appreciated.

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